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We ship nationwide. Pieces like those above
typically ship to either coast for about $250-$350

Paul Laszlo - tan ceruse and ebonized early Modern Cabinet

Michael Taylor for Baker Mfg - Far East Collection

Oil on Canvas circa 1972 signed Carole Orr

1960's Biedermeier Revival "Grand Lounge Chairs"

Imaginative Restorations - Before


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    For well over 20 years

Bacile has been inspired by very interesting and unusual antiques or Mid Century Modern vintage pieces, that either make you laugh or shake your head in wondering admiration. 

     He's consistently been pulled towards anything different, peculiar or uncommon so long as it strongly draws at both your heart and your eye.

   Little wonder then,  that
from the moment you enter MODERNE'S 20,000 square foot Gallery, you instantly become aware that it's not a typical Mid Century Modern venue!

     Instead, what you find is a profoundly uncommon blend of Art Deco, Transition and Mid Century designed styles - generally beginning in the mid 1930's - and abruptly ending during the late 1970's.

     Once inside the facility - the choices at every turn seem to exhibit sharp, crisp, clean lines of style and grace. Hundreds of handpicked items make for numerous unusual and interesting choices as they constantly rotate in and out of the Gallery.

It's difficult to absorb so much beauty in a single visit.


Additionally, MODERNE provides for full restoration on every item it sells - and on items directly from your home or office. Whether it's Re-upholstery, Re-finishing or Color Lacquering - MODERNE has long term associations with highly skilled - self-employed teams of restorationists. Because they own their businesses, they take particular pride in their work and enjoy the quality craftsmanship that Mid Century Modern has to offer them.

It's both a pleasure and an experience for them to take these things of great design, and then through their own years of skill and imagination, transform it back to its former glory or your new vision. There is a certain joy in that to these guys and we think that's important to consider.


   But there's another side to MODERNE as well. We supplement the Design and Designer Trade with special discounts not offered to the public and we offer a one stop Gallery full of unusual and captivating items rotating at blistering speed. There is always numerous items arriving daily. We pick up and deliver and try our best to follow up.

And best of all, most of us is Texican so we're nice people.

Our warm and friendly ways will soon have you addicted to  Antiquing Mid Century at Moderne.


   And oh yeah. We're informal - come as you are!

     But first....

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     I'm sure we're going to see you soon!

That's me.

That's Carey Sexton -  long time RHINO Picker that'll put anybody to shame. It's hard work.  So he also personally tests every chair for safety and comfort.

(A process that usually takes an hour and a half - so he says.)

Sofas take a little longer....